Choc Coated 200’s – Supreme


Relish 200 individually wrapped Mantelli’s chocolate-coated chocolate biscuits. Professionally handmade and doubly delicious! 

Our chocolate-coated biscuits are made from flour, egg, sugar, cocoa powder, and butter, then baked until richly brown. We melt dark chocolate until runny, velvety, and bursting with flavour, then scrupulously drape it over your chocolate biscuits. After that, we wrap them individually in a silver, Mantelli-labelled wrapper with a touch of magenta. 

The case of biscuits is perfect for sharing with loved ones, including friends, family and co-workers. Hand them out in the staffroom, in lunchboxes, dip them in your tea of choice, or crumble them over your favourite ice cream. 

This case has 200 individually wrapped, chocolate-coated oaties weighing 10g. 

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