Funky Mini 40’s – Shortbread


Include our decadently buttery and wonderfully tender shortbread biscuits in your online cart. With their unmistakable delicate and crumbly texture, coupled with a delightful buttery flavor, our shortbread stands as a biscuit that encapsulates both nostalgic charm and refined elegance. Crafted using a traditional Scottish shortbread recipe, our biscuits are designed to truly melt in your mouth.

These treats offer a delightful balance of crumbliness and crunchiness, making them an ideal complement to a mid-morning coffee. Adored by both children and adults, they’re sensational at corporate events, the office, in the living room, and during parties. Place them in lunchboxes to brighten your loved ones’ day.

Include a pack of our mini Shortbread Rounds in your cart, featuring 40 of our perfectly buttery 10g biscuits.

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