Funky Mini 200’s – Choc Chip & Almond


Almond chocolate chip cookies are classic chocolate chip cookies with the addition of crispy thinly toasted almonds. Even if you’re not a huge fan of nuts, these cookies are just divine. The combination of chocolate chips, almond pieces, and cocoa powder is enough to make any biscuit lover swoon. They’re beautifully brown because of the cocoa powder, crunchy because of the almonds, with bits of gooey because of the chocolate chips. 

These cookies are perfect for anyone who loves chocolate chip cookies and wants a bit of diversity in texture–like the crunch of thinly sliced almonds. They make for an elegant addition at any function, corporate or family. These beauties also make fantastic gifts, and enchanting lunchbox fillers. 

Order your case of 200 mini chocolate and almond biscuits (each 10g) today!

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