Lunchbox Hero 100’s Twin Pack (2 units x 14 g) – Yoghurt


Unpack deliciousness and smiles with Mantelli’s Direct oat yoghurt cookies. Our wholesome oat cookies are baked with real oats for sustained energy and a satisfying chew. On top, you’ll find a creamy yoghurt drizzle, a delightful twist that keeps things exciting. Revel in the convenience of our twin packs: each pack contains two medium (14g) oats and yoghurt biscuits, perfect for sharing (or not)!

Kids love the unique flavour combo! The creamy yoghurt drizzle complements the nutty oat cookie perfectly, creating an irresistible taste sensation. Also, it’s mom-certified, made with wholesome ingredients and no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives. They’re individually wrapped, too, keeping them fresh and mess-free.

Each twin pack of oat and yoghurt biscuits contains two 14g (medium) biscuits. One case holds 100 twin packs–you’re getting 200 Mantelli’s 14g biscuits!

Add a case to your basket for mess-free goodness. Feel the satisfaction of knowing your lunchbox is fueled with wholesome goodness for the day.

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