Oat Crunchie No Wheat 150’s – Original


Calling all oat enthusiasts and gluten-free friends! Are you tired of sacrificing flavour for healthy choices? Well, say goodbye to bland and hello to Mantelli’s No Wheat Oat Crunchies (case of 150) – a symphony of taste and texture that will rock your world!

Picture this: Crunchy, golden oat clusters, lightly sweetened with honey and brown sugar, boasting a satisfyingly substantial bite. No wheat? No problem! These beauties are crafted with wholesome rolled oats, coconut shreds, and a touch of magic, delivering a guilt-free indulgence bursting with flavour.

Here’s why Mantelli’s No Wheat Oat Crunchies are your new pantry must-have:

  • Bulk Bliss: 150 individual packets for endless snacking, sharing, and gifting.
  • Wholesome goodness: Made with quality ingredients, wheat-free and packed with fibre.
  • Flavour explosion: The perfect blend of sweet and crunchy.
  • Convenient: Grab a crunchie and go for an on-the-go energy boost.
  • Versatility: Enjoy them plain, dipped in yoghurt, or crumbled over your favourite dessert.

Treat yourself to a case (or two!) of 150 Mantelli’s 21g No Wheat Oat Crunchies and experience the deliciousness for yourself. You won’t regret it!

Add to your basket to order your crunchy satisfaction today!

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