Rusks 40’s – Buttermilk


South Africans have perfected the art of the rusk, a twice-baked biscuit perfect for dunking in tea or coffee. Mantelli’s South African buttermilk rusks offer a taste of this beloved tradition. Over time, countless rusk varieties have emerged, but the classic buttermilk version remains a favourite for its simple, cookie-like flavour.

Share the joy! These delectable rusks are ideal for colleagues, employees, or bosses, adding a touch of homey comfort to any office environment. They’re equally perfect for hotel guests or anyone needing a satisfying snack on the go. Pack them in lunchboxes or bags to combat hunger pangs throughout the day.

Experience the deliciousness of Mantelli’s buttermilk rusks – simply add a pack of 40 (20g each) to your cart today!

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