Rusks 40’s – Muesli


Satiate your rusk cravings with the wholesome goodness of Mantelli’s Direct muesli rusks, each bursting with the finest quality ingredients. These delicious bites are hand-crafted with a blend of rolled oats, a medley of dried fruits, and a symphony of nuts and seeds. The base is a comforting combination of wheat flour, sugar, egg, and milk, and a touch of vanilla adds a delicate sweetness.

Individually wrapped for convenience, Mantelli’s muesli rusks are the perfect companion for any occasion. They’re ideal for satisfying on-the-go cravings, taming hunger pangs, or complementing your morning coffee. Whether you’re sharing them with colleagues at a corporate event or enjoying them during a casual gathering, these wholesome treats are guaranteed to delight you.

Grab your 40-pack of individually wrapped 20g muesli rusks today! Click the add to basket button below.

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