Celebrate Heritage Day the Delicious Way

Celebrate Heritage Day the delicious way with Mantelli’s Direct!

Celebrate Heritage Day the Delicious Way

Heritage Day is around the corner, and with it comes the opportunity to embrace your South African roots and celebrate traditions. One classic symbol of our South African Heritage is a good old-fashioned braai. What better way to add something sweet to your Heritage Day braai than with yummy marshmallows? This conjures up happy memories of braais growing up, with marshmallows on sticks held over open fire, until they were oozing on the inside and golden on the outside.

At Mantelli’s Direct in Durbanville, our happiness comes from sharing, and this is no exception on Heritage Day. Get together with your loved ones and honour the cultural beauty of our vibrant nation, where we embrace diversity. Braaing is a core element of tradition that is shared amongst many cultures in South Africa, and Mantelli’s Direct created lovely Braai Day Packs to celebrate this tradition the tasty way! This Mantelli’s Heritage Day Package consists of Mantelli’s chocolate chip cookies, oversized marshmallows, and long bamboo sticks. Melt marshmallows over the fire or assemble mouth-watering s’mores, it is up to you how you want to enjoy them!

Since Heritage Day affords us a long weekend this year, you can enjoy a relaxing celebration that spans over three days, filled with all the activities that bring you closer to your roots. Whether you are braaing and sharing stories with friends or plan to start your day with a taste of nostalgia, our Mantelli’s Direct – Durbanville biscuit range and newly available Braai Day Packs are the ideal accompaniment to your Heritage Day celebration!

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