Father’s Day Gifts – Who said Fathers Don’t Like Sweet?

Fathers Day Gifts at Mantellis Durbanville

Father’s Day Gifts – Who said Fathers Don’t Like Sweet?

One sure way to show your appreciation this Father’s Day is by gifting your dad something sweet and tasty. At Mantelli’s Direct Durbanville, we believe that dads also deserve to indulge in their favourite biscuits and chocolates, and we have assembled a selection of Father’s Day Gift Packs with this in mind. The magic of a perfectly baked and wonderfully delicious batch of biscuits is evident in our Mantelli’s range, which is ideal for sharing with loved ones.

In the weeks and days leading up to Father’s Day, shops tend to get busier and generic gifts line the shelves of most retail stores. What most dads really appreciate is a thoughtful gift that speaks to their heart and appeals to their taste. We’ve spent time carefully crafting a selection of Father’s Day Gift Packs that include select biscuits from our well-loved Mantelli’s Direct range. We’ve considered all budgets and tastes in our range of sweet and mouth-watering gifts to make your dad smile this Father’s Day!

Dad Snacks – R50:

Dad's Snack

Does your dad enjoy timeless classics when it comes to his most enjoyable snacks? We have put together some firm dad favourites to satisfy his cravings. This is an affordable gifting option that consists of a large chocolate chip cookie, a chocolate chip shortbread finger, a few chocolate-dipped cookies, and a bag of chutney corn.

Order your Dad Snack Here


Printed Treat Bag – R50:

Fathers Day Treat Bag

Another cost-effective collection of delights to gift dad this Father’s Day! Make his day with a printed gift bag consisting of yummy Mantellis biscuits that are flavourful and fresh. These gift bags also include a few eclairs and some Lindt balls. You’ll have to resist the urge to reach in and have a treat yourself!

Order your Printed Treat Bag Here


Father’s Day Cube – R125:

Fathers Day Cubes

Beautifully presentedin a clear cube shape that shows dad what he is in for, our Father’s Day Cubes are a terrific gift to celebrate your dad or a father figure in your life! If your father loves the sweeter things in life, he will love the Mantellis Biscuits, Lindt chocolates, and chocolate personalized for Father’s Day, which is all included in this gift choice.

Order your Father’s Day Cube Here


Gift Box – R175:

Is your dad crazy about biscuits and chocolates? What better way to spoil him than with a special Father’s Day Gift Box? Each Mantellis gift box looks stunning and holds a selection of treats that include peanut brittle, biscuits, Lindt Balls, and eclairs, as well as a message just for dad. Let your dad enjoy a sweet Father’s Day, where he can savour a few favourites and explore new tastes.

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Mug Gift Set – R175:

Fathers Day Mug Gift Set

If your dad likes his coffee, tea, or hot chocolate almost as much as his treats, this is a fantastic Father’s Day gift for him! Our Mantellis Mug Gift Set is based around a Father’s Day mug. We have a few different mug options, each lovingly gift-wrapped in clear paper. Inside the mug are a hot chocolate sachet, cookies, a shortbread finger, and a mini chocolate with a Father’s Day Message.

Order your Mug Gift Set Here


With so many options, there is something for every dad, every budget, and anyone! You can also shop our various father’s day product ranges and order online for delivery or collection, for convenient access to your most beloved Mantelli’s biscuits.

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