Gifts for the Special Women in your life this Women’s Day

Gifts for the Special Women in your life this Women’s Day

Gifts for the Special Women in your life this Women’s Day

While we firmly believe that biscuits make the world go round, we also know that women are the wonders of the world, working their magic in our lives every day. For every woman, the perfect treat exists, and at Mantelli’s Direct Durbanville, we’ve considered this when putting together a delightful selection of gifts for Women’s Day!

Showing your love and appreciation can go a long way with the women who have impacted your life. Sometimes, it is a simple gesture of thanks that uplifts the soul and brings people together in beautiful ways. Celebrating the special women in your life is an effortless experience thanks to Mantelli’s Direct in Durbanville. We’ve crafted a range of prepacked and thoughtful gifts specifically for Women’s Day, to indulge any sweet tooth and delight any heart. Special occasions inspire us to get creative!

At Mantelli’s Direct Durbanville, our well-loved biscuits remain affordable and we apply the same rule to the gift packages that our team assemble for special occasions. There is something in our store for every budget! Our branded Women’s Day Sweetie Jars are just R50, or you can splurge on a lovely Women’s Day PVC gift bag of cookies, chocolates, and cappuccino for R250. Our gift packages also feature the option for a Women’s Day Glass Ring Bowl gift that includes a handmade bowl holding yummy individually wrapped biscuits and chocolates.

A special occasion like Women’s Day is the ideal opportunity to gift the women you care about. While it can be difficult to put into words our gratitude or love, a simple yet meaningful Women’s Day gift conveys the sentiment perfectly. Whether you’re shopping for Women’s Day gifts for your wife, partner, mother, or even work employees, you will find yourself inspired by the Mantelli’s Durbanville range that we have created. Mantelli’s biscuits are all baked with love and have stood the test of time as a household name in South Africa, and you’ll see why after just one bite!

Did you know that through our new website, you can order online and we will deliver straight to your front door? It is easy to shop your heart out for delicious biscuits from our exclusive Mantelli’s Durbanville product selection, which includes our shortbread range, rusk range, crunchie range, and even our no added sugar range for healthier treats!

Choose from different Women’s Day gift options, which feature our most popular Mantelli’s Direct Durbanville’ biscuits! Other treats like nougat, chocolate, coffee, and sweets also make up some of these packages, and keepsakes like mugs and bowls add a little something extra. Come visit our Durbanville store today or place your order online!

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