Need a Corporate Gift or Prize?

Need a Corporate Gift or Prize

Need a Corporate Gift or Prize?

There are many ways to show appreciation to your staff members or maintain meaningful relationships with your clients or business partners. The way you approach your company’s corporate gifting is one of them, and at Mantelli’s Direct, we believe that the power of delicious biscuits goes a long way. We’ve perfected our recipes to their highest potential and have loved making a difference in the lives of biscuit lovers near and far.

When you’re hosting a successful corporate event, one easy way to make an impression is with gifting. Not only does this allow you to reinforce your brand’s image and values, but it also shows your clients that they matter to you. There are very few pairings that don’t work well with biscuits, giving Mantelli’s Direct Durbanville a unique opportunity to create gift packages that are personalized and thoughtful, with Mantelli’s promise of exceptional quality and taste. We can package any products together to look outstanding and make an impact.

Let us create stunningly wrapped packages that you can gift clients for Christmas or New Year’s, incorporating branding elements and personalized messages. Show that you care by celebrating milestones in your working relationships with a gift pack that includes tasty Mantelli’s biscuits. If you’re in real estate or sell cars, we can work with you to assemble delicious gift parcels to present to your clients once their purchase goes through. It is these thoughtful gestures that leave a lasting impression and set you apart in your line of work. There are so many creative ways to enhance your business, staff, and client relationships, let us show you how!

Year-end functions present a wonderful setting for gifting the staff members who keep your company afloat all year around. Some popular combinations for gifts from Mantelli’s Direct include oat crunchies with chocolate, rusks, and an artisan filter coffee blend. Add some shortbread fingers and a few Lindt chocolate balls or eclairs for a more extensive selection of treats, or expand the taste sensations by adding some biltong or chutney corn. You can also add a bottle of wine or sparkling wine to your corporate gift package of Mantelli’s delights, or include a filter coffee press. There are so many possibilities that can only be enhanced by our scrumptious biscuits.

From serving a tasteful selection of biscuits at your corporate event to having delicious snacks available for an important team get-together, conference, or outing, we’ve got your back at Mantelli’s Direct Durbanville. We can present any gift in the style of your choosing, allowing you to make your mark in the industry or with the people that are important to your business.

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