Buttons 32g Pack – Choc Chip


Mantelli’s Chocolate Chip Buttons capture everything you love about a perfect cookie: a delightful combination of crisp and crunchy, light and airy, but always fully baked through. We take pride in our cookies, and these are truly the best of the best! They boast a slightly crisp exterior that gives way to a satisfying crunch, making them a guaranteed hit with cookie connoisseurs everywhere.

These versatile treats are perfect for stashing in your bag for a satisfying snack on the go, sharing with colleagues and employees as a delicious pick-me-up, or keeping all to yourself for a moment of pure indulgence. Get ready to experience a burst of crunchy chocolatey goodness!

Add a 32g packet of our yummy Choc Chip Buttons to your basket and discover your new favorite cookie.

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