Cantucci Biscotti 150’s – Almond


Bask in the Tuscan goodness of handmade almond biscotti. Durbanville Mantelli’s bites of handmade Italian sunshine are crafted from flour, sugar, vanilla, egg, and whole almonds.  We double-bake them after egg-washing them for that stunning snappy outside and feathery inside. 

Experience what Italian almond biscuits could be with Mantelli’s Direct Durbanville’s Cantucci biscotti. Dunk them in coffee, tea, and any other beverage to bring out the gentle vanilla. Then, munch away at our top-notch quality whole almonds scattered inside the cookie. 

Pass them around at conferences, family gatherings, and parties. They’re individually wrapped, too–perfect for sharing.

Our 6g versions are available in cases of 150.

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