Lunchbox Hero 100’s Twin Pack (2 units x 14 g) – Choc Chip


Give your kids (and yourself!) the joy of indulging in chocolate chip cookies! These timeless treats are rich in the classic goodness of butter and, of course, a generous infusion of chocolatey delight, making them the perfect companions for break time and aftercare. With a soft center, crispy golden edges, and a distinct crunch, it’s no wonder these cookies have become the favorite choice for kids!

Crafted into perfectly round shapes and generously studded with gooey dark chocolate chips, these twin packs of medium cookies are an excellent choice for packing in your kids’ lunchboxes, enjoying as an after-school snack, or sharing as a sweet treat with friends, teachers, and classmates. These cookies are specifically designed to be loved by kids.

Upgrade your lunchbox game with this pack of 100 medium classic twin chocolate chip cookie packets, each weighing 14g. There are actually 200 cookies in this pack – 2 cookies in each wrapper!

Simply add them to your basket and instantly elevate the cool factor of your lunchbox.

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