New Website – Order Online and We Will Deliver

New Website - Order online and we will deliver

New Website – Order Online and We Will Deliver

At Mantelli’s Direct, we love being able to offer our clients budget-friendly biscuits that are wonderfully delectable and locally made. Our new website is the perfect platform for showing off our product categories, and our clients can now place orders online for delivery or collection. Whether you’re stocking up on treats for your home or have a sweet tooth craving that can’t be ignored, your biscuit desires can be easily indulged!

Shop and order online and we will deliver Mantelli’s biscuits to your front door. From our mouthwatering Crunchie Range to our On The Go Packs which are the ideal school lunchbox solution, you can customize your order to exactly what you’d like it to be. Our biscuits also make for a thoughtful gift! While delivery is available, you can also choose to collect your Mantelli’s Direct biscuit order at one of our branches. Whatever way you choose to place your order from our new website, look forward to shopping online from our selection of tasty Mantelli’s biscuits.

There is no reason why you should compromise on the quality of biscuits that you enjoy at home or in the office. All of our biscuits and rusks are baked using high-quality ingredients, to the exceptional standard that our clients have come to expect from us since the early 90s, when we first opened. You have a link to always satisfy the urge for a scrumptious biscuit, and can stock up affordably and regularly! Whether you have a weakness for our choc coated oaties or want to enjoy a healthier fix of biscuit goodness thanks to our no sugar added options, you’re one step closer!

Before we began selling directly, our retail range could be purchased in many large supermarket chains in South Africa. It wasn’t long before our brand gained momentum and Mantelli’s biscuits became a firm favourite around the country, for their buttery goodness and amazing taste. In time, we learned that many clients would be happier purchasing from us directly, instead of paying higher prices for the “convenience” of shopping in-store. This led to a shift away from retail store sales, to offer our clients direct Mantelli’s purchases at a number of Mantelli’s Direct stores around Cape Town.

Look forward to your favourite Mantelli’s biscuits without having to pay the excessive retail cost. You can even arrange for us to package specific biscuit products together for your company’s corporate gifts or a prize, just let us know what you have in mind! We’re committed to becoming the biscuit factory shop you can count on for deliciousness, affordability, and variety.

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