Funky Mini 40’s – Triple Choc


Say hello to our Triple Chocolate Delight Cookies!

These cookies are like the superheroes of the chocolate world – not just chocolate chips, but a whole cocoa powder and dark chocolate chunks squad, ensuring an epic level of chocolicious goodness. Crafted with love, each 10g cookie is a tiny masterpiece made with top-notch ingredients, guaranteeing an insanely decadent experience.

Whether you savour them solo, share the chocolatey magic at gatherings, crumble them over desserts, or toss them into your ice cream bowl, the options are endless! They’re your go-to pick-me-up for that mid-afternoon slump. Kids, friends, and the whole family are wild about them. Created for sharing (or secretly stashing them all for yourself – no judgment here!)

Snag your 40-pack of mini 10g Triple Chocolate Delight Cookies today and bite into bliss.

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